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Departmental Applications: Many companies erroneously believed that they are protected by having a "Whistleblower Hotline" which is commonly a dedicated toll free number advertised to employees that they can use to call and report the above mentioned incidents. However, because it still appears as though the 'hotline' is administered within the company, many employees have reported that they still feel intimidated to use the system and fear for ramifications for their reporting actions. The reality of that fear allows serious situations to continue to go unreported. One lawsuit can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside attorney fees, lost time from work during lengthy trials, settlement fees and of course sometimes irreparable damage from negative publicity. Contrary to Public Relations urban legend, with regards to lawsuits and implied misconduct by a company against an individual, all publicity is not good publicity. One incident, one employee who claims they were wronged, can easily destroy the very core of a company and all of its achievements and revenue strength. Many times, if an official from the company or an outside impartial source contacts a concerned employee regarding a complaint, the exposure for the company is far less and can usually be contained before a critical and costly situation is made public.

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