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Business as usual has a very different meaning in today's corporate environment. Most companies, regardless of size and stature, are cognizant of the 'Enron Effect' and are more attentive than ever to 'crossing their t's and dotting their i's.' For this reason, The Watchful i modified the popular School Violence Reporting System for the specific and tailored needs of the business world.

The Threat Assessment and Tactical Response component of the Watchful i offers mult-tiered benefits. By going directly to a designated company web site or calling an assigned toll free number, a report can be made either anonymously or not regarding sexual harassment, prejudice and discrimination, drug or alcohol abuse, the threat of violence and so many critical issues facing companies and their employees. These reports are sent real time via cell phone, e-mail, and/or blackberry to individual's the company designates. The system will collect all incident reports and maintain them in a database with no additional manpower or staff responsibility required. This report generating functionality, which alerts multiple administrators and archives the events to ensure action, is the key difference and true strength of the Watchful i system.

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