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Citizen Awareness and Communication against Terrorism and Fear

Prior to 2001, the term 'Homeland Security' was not a household phrase. However, the tragic events of September 11th of that year have changed the perception of 'safety and security' for most of America. With the defiant and mournful chant of "We Shall Not Forget", Homeland Security was born into our nation.

The Watchful i security component of Homeland Security has been custom designed to provide citizens and community members a means to report, in their native language, anything suspicious to Law Enforcement and Homeland Security officials at all state and local levels.

Watchful i provides "real time" communication between:

Watchful i also provides these agencies with the ability to "telephonically" notify and mobilize task forces, bomb squads or Emergency Operation units automatically and in a matter of minutes.

Report-generation: Watchful i provides local police departments the ability to communicate and report to their county prosecutor on various details pertaining to Watchful i events.

Watchful i further provides their county's prosecutors the ability to communicate this information to their state attorney general.

The report-generation functionality of Watchful i is unique unto itself and provides every top law enforcement official and administrator with the tremendous ability, in real time, to view "summary reports" in any given time period or extract detailed information for "chart analysis" at the state, county or local law enforcement level.

Here's a review of the benefits and applications of the Watchful i Homeland security component:

The Watchful i is bringing Homeland Security closer to each individual and allowing American's empowerment in knowing that they can help keep this Country the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave".

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