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Anonymous School Violence Reporting System

Knowing is half the battle. The tragedy of Columbine reminds us every day that our nation's students are entitled to, and must be guaranteed, total security in today's unpredictable, often volatile, society. Whether a student has information on a school bully or gang activity, The Watchful i provides an anonymous reporting system that alerts key decision makers to potentially dangerous situations before they explode into full blown crises.

What makes the Watchful i's anonymous school violence reporting system unlike any other, and where the power of the system really exists is in the report-generation functionality.

  • The Watchful i system's report-generation functionality is fully customizable and capable of keeping track and archiving all incidents entered.
  • Now when someone knows, and someone always does, there is an easily accessible reporting place they can go that guarantees that the right person will get the information and tracks that information to make sure action was taken.
  • A community, faculty, student and administrator reporting system, the Watchful i will send reports to the Superintendent of any school district and those same reports will also go to the County Superintendent The aggregate of all of the incident reports then goes to the Department of Education who now has the ability to see the big picture as well as localized situation. This element of the system truly makes knowledge power.
  • In the event a serious situation does occur, communication will remain intact and business continuity enabled through the systems built in redundancy.
  • The Watchful i allows students to safely, easily, and anonymously report any information they have that that can alert officials that their fellow students may be planning or taking part in bullying, hazing, violent acts, bias crimes, vandalism, or a host of other dangerous and/or illegal activities. More times than not, students have this information but fear prohibits them from telling an authority figure. With the Watchful i , students can now use the telephone or Internet to anonymously relay this vital information to those who need to take action.
The Watchful i was initially created for the sole purpose of protecting students from the alarming trend of violence sweeping our nation.

From California to New Jersey - and everywhere in between - The Watchful i is dedicated to the prevention of school-related violence by providing a safe and easy to use system that makes those who need to know, aware...and knowing is half the battle!

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