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The Watchful i technology provides every customer with a robust "System" for Incident Reporting, Supervisory Notification and Tactical Response which exceeds and is apart from any reporting or notification system in existence. An innovative early warning and awareness system powered by an unique report generation functionality, the Watchful i transcends multiple markets including: This patent pending software application transcends vertical markets and, is extremely "user" friendly while containing unparalleled management tools for profitability assessment and enhancement.

One system, one contract does it all. If your company is concerned with: Communication, Accountability, Report analysis, Profitability-lost customers, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Notification you will find them as intricate parts of the Watchful i system.

Established in light of the Columbine Tragedy, the Watchful i was originally created to service school systems by allowing students to directly and anonymously report bullying, drug/alcohol use, depression, threats of violence and other serious situations via a 24/7 web site or toll free number. These reports would instantly filter to the appropriate school official and alerts would continue to be sent to that official or officials until acknowledgment of the report was made along with a follow up plan. The system drastically increased the comfort level and ease for students to communicate with those who could intervene before a situation became critical.

As times continued to become increasing turbulent and challenging, other entities required the services of The Watchful i . Corporate America with needs to protect business and employee alike from claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, theft, fraud, misconduct, violence and drug/alcohol abuse turned to the Watchful i to fulfill these needs and provide the same communication ease and security to employees as had been afforded to students. In the aftermath of Enron, The Sarbanes Oxley act, section 301 (A) now required all publicly held companies to institute a procedure for employees to anonymously report complaints regarding their company's accounting policies via e-mail to that company's outside auditing committee. Again, the Watchful i was called upon to ensure corporate compliance. In servicing businesses, The Watchful i offered yet another component for customer service and complaint management. This allowed company's to streamline their efforts to maintain happy and satisfied clients and to be alerted when there was customer dissatisfaction and provide an easy to document way to ensure the problem was solved. Custom acquisition costs are high and the Watchful i wants to provide maximum customer ROI by handling these issues expediently and effectively.

The applications for the Watchful i truly are endless and in 2005, Homeland Security came calling and once again, the Watchful i was ready with an answer. Adding the security and safety reporting function to the system, The Watchful i can now service local, state, and federal safety notification, communication and awareness needs.

The Watchful i is the only system of its kind offering the technology and innovative vision to service the safety and security needs of Corporate America, America's children, Homeland Security and any other need that may arise.

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