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The Watchful i Corporate Sponsor Program
A great way to create national awareness and positive brand recognition for your corporation

The advantages of providing The Watchful i directly to customers, potential customers, employees, school districts, police departments, municipalities, hospitals and any of the endless organizations/groups that will benefit from the program, are obvious. Yet what not be quite as evident is the tremendous marketing and public relations value that exists when a corporate benefactor sponsors the implementation of the Watchful i system.

Beyond the altruistic and philanthropic reasons for a corporation to partner with the Watchful i to place the system into any of the above mentioned worthwhile groups, the positive publicity and attention that the donation will generate is priceless. The Watchful i will generate press releases and other pertinent collateral material announcing the corporate sponsorship. Working with the sponsoring organization’s publicity department or working independently, whichever the sponsor chooses, the Watchful i will create and generate press kits to help promote photo opportunities, press conferences and maximum media coverage. Additionally, the Watchful i will post corporate sponsors on their Web site and facilitate cross marketing and networking opportunities where applicable.

Becoming a Watchful i corporate sponsor is an opportunity to get back so much more than you give. Community and consumer awareness, positive brand recognition, increased media exposure and networking opportunities can help bring a differentiating and competitive edge in today’s critical and challenging corporate environment.

To find out more about becoming a corporate sponsor of the Watchful i, please fill out a sponsor kit request form below or call 732-888-1200 for more information. We regret that we are able to offer only a limited number of corporate sponsorships so please send your inquiry today.
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Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities