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Watchful i Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Watchful i?

A1. Watchful i is:

Q2. Why do I need the Watchful i?

A2. If your company has concern over:
Communication, Employee Accountability, Management Report analysis, Profitability-lost customers, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery or Emergency Notification you need the Watchful i system.

Q3. How does Watchful i work?

A3. The Watchful i is "user" and "administrator" friendly and works as follows:

If a company administrator does not confirm receipt of the report, Watchful i will continue to attempt to reach a secondary contact. If there is no response within a given time period, Watchful i will automatically notify a third or tertiary administrator or key executive..

Q4. How can Watchful i ensure Business Continuity?

A4. Watchful i is Hosted in a secure facility with a 21 day diesel powered generator back-up system. Any data stored for use in the system will be redundant and capable of being processed.

Q5. How much IT involvement does Watchful i require?

A5. Basically NONE. If you want your employees listed for an emergency Notification, IT would merely upload their contact information via an excel spreadsheet.

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