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Watchful i is currently a privately held company and is being funded by private capital groups and private investors.

Q: What exchange is The Watchful i listed on?

A: Watchful i is currently a privately held company and therefore not listed on an exchange and does not have a ticker symbol.

Q: Will The Watchful i go public and if so, when?

A: The Watchful i does plan to tender an initial Public Offering (IPO), but a date has not been set. You may be interested in visiting Web sites that track pre-and post IPO's.

Q: Can I invest in the Watchful i and if so, how?

A: Because The Watchful i is a privately held company, investment opportunities are restricted to individual investors/entities that are accredited investors only.

If you are interested in reviewing investment documents for The Watchful i, please contact:

The Watchful i.
Phone: 732-888-1200
100 Matawan Road
Suite 230
Matawan, NJ 07747

"The Watchful i is a Safe Environment Solutions company."

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